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The Cartoonists of Carmel: Part 1
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Dennis the Menace creator, Hank Ketcham, moved to Carmel in the early 50's and soon other nationally syndicated cartoonists joined him to live in the tranquil hamlet called Carmel. Every now and then, these cartoonists and their buddies get together over coffee in Carmel and talk about whatever is on their mind. Wouldn't be interesting to be the proverbial fly on the wall and listen in on what they say? We did just that and on this day Dennis Renault, retired Sacramento See political cartoonist, Robert Blaisdell, retired filmmaker, Eldon Dedini, cartoonist who's work has been in The New Yorker and Playboy, Roy Gillian, mystery writer, Gus Arriola, creator of the strip "Gordo", and Hank Ketcham, Dennis the Menace, sat down for coffee and conversation.
Producer: Earthflix
3:50  |  426x240  |  26MB

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